Integrated Management

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SOFADES GINNING MILLS are certified for “GINNING OR / AND MARKET DISPOSAL OF INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT COTTON” according to the requirements of AGRO 2.4. separate quality Management System for cotton, which describes the requirements that companies that receive cotton (produced in accordance with the rules of Integrated Management) must comply with, in order to gin it and place it on the market as through Integrated Management Ginned Cotton.

These requirements are based on:

– the observance of the traceability of the cotton from the receipt of the unginned cotton (which has been produced according to the standards of AGRO 2.1 and 2.2) and its ginning process, until the production and disposal of the ginned cotton (in the form of yarn) as final product of Integrated Management.

– to avoid the degradation of quality for the cotton produced under the state of Integrated Management practices, throughout the whole production process and the operations of the company.

In cooperation with:

Corteva Agriscience  the only large company in the field of agricultural sciences that is fully dedicated to agriculture

– And NOVACERT the largest consulting company in Greece in the agri-environmental sector and the food industry of the country

And in addition, using innovative technology tools such as:

i-AGRO Integrated Management Information System

– and i-farma Software application addressed to the modern farmer for the management of his agricultural production

We practically guarantee the optimization of traceability information, which initially focuses on optimizing the "local supply chain", from farm to yarn.

In addition, the AGRO 2.4 standard has been harmonized and incorporates the requirements of the International standard BCI (BETTER COTTON INITIATIVE), therefore our certification with AGRO 2.4 is equivalent to the BCI certification, leading us to superior traceable cotton quality and increased yield of the fields.

In cooperation with the National Bank of Greece and the cotton producers, we participate in the special financing program of Contract Farming.

Producers, having signed sales contracts with SOFADES GINNING MILLS through this program, ensure the required cash flow within the production period and reduce their production costs, through financing provided on very favorable terms.

In addition, through Contract Farming producers have the following benefits:

– Immediate cash flow during the cotton growing season.

– Purchases of agricultural supplies, pesticides etc. in competitive prices.

– Purchase in advance of their cotton production.

– Certification for the high quality of the produced cotton.

– Immediate payment at a price already agreed in their prepurchase contract.


Through our cooperation with the company ELEFTHERIOU CHARALAMPOS AND CO. (Agricultural Supplies & Products) and guided by the principles of “verticalization” in the agricultural production, we cover the needs of cultivators in terms of agricultural supplies. Our scientifically trained staff (agronomists) with extensive experience & know-how, assist in the selection of the appropriate combination of agricultural supplies, for cotton and wheat cultivation.


Knowing the great importance of the “seed” in the agricultural process, our ginning mill is also engaged in seed production. Our specific business activity, contributes significantly to our effort for a remarkable upgrade in crop yields by improving the quality characteristics of the cotton produced, using “certified cotton seeds”.

Our ginners have the required know-how and experience to produce high-quality cotton seeds with the least possible mechanical damage to the produced seed.

We cooperate with reputable companies in the seed production field, such as CORTEVA & SIPCAM HELLAS.


Our company, having a long history in the field of agricultural products, has expanded in the field of grain trade.

Specifically, we trade durum wheat, soft wheat, barley, and oats.

Significant quantities of these products are exported, as well as sold to processing units (mills) within Greece.


Our new ventilated warehouse space of 4,400 square meters is used for the natural drying process and preservation of the cotton seeds produced, as well as for the storage of the produced grains.

It has been manufactured under the most modern technical specifications, including a special ventilation system (floor with ventilation ducts) to ensure in long-term, the quality characteristics of our products.


Our company promotes the export of ginned cotton in the international markets. Apart from the quantities in ginned cotton for utilization by the parent company / spinning mill (NAFPAKTOS TEXTILE INDUSTRY S.A.), we make remarkable exports in countries like Turkey, Egypt, and Italy.